This is the darkest roast coffee in the Nescafe® family, which has the strongest and richest taste and aroma.
Nescafe® Classic Black Roast ™ is a real find for those who like strong, rich and aromatic coffee. After all, thanks to the careful selection of coffee beans and longer roasting, we managed to achieve a new level of strength of taste and richness of aroma.
Masters select only the best coffee beans and roast them a little longer than usual. Due to this, they managed to reach a new level of strength of taste and richness of aroma.
Dark frying affects the taste, increasing its bitterness. Therefore, our masters treat this process with extreme caution and try to maintain a delicate balance. Everything to give your morning cup of coffee a strong taste and at the same time get rid of its excessive bitterness.
Our new roast absorbs all the fullness of taste and aroma, so that your morning cup of coffee has a strength you have never tasted before.
Black. Saturated. Strong.

Nescafe Black Roast 16g


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